Pressure independent control valves, DN15-DN25 with integrated flow limiter for thermal emitters and differential pressure regulator

PCTV/PCMTV/PCTVS15-25 - Pressure Independent Control Valves,PCTV/PCMTV/PCTVS valves are intended for use in fan-coil units, air handling units, chilled beams, etc. They can be used as constant flow limiters in constant volume systems (without an actuator) or as true PICVs in variable volume systems (with an actuator).

The PCTV/PCMTV/PCTVS valves are temperature control valves with full authority over the entire flow range. This means that each individual terminal receives the flow required even in part load conditions. The PCTV/PCMTV/PCTVS valves do not require any setting ratio calculation or valve authority calculation.

The valves are available in three models, PCMTV that has measuring ports included, PCTV that has measuring port outlets sealed ( can be added later if needed) and PCTVS that do not have any measuring ports at all.

The valves have a compact design that allows them to be mounted in small spaces such as fan-coils or narrow supply spaces.

The valves are supplied with a plastic be used to close them manually.

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Download Brochure